About Recite CMS

  • Recite is a web-based Content Management System. Build and update your web site using your web browser. Create pages, upload files, manage your site's look and feel using the Recite CMS Control Panel.
  • One installation, many sites. The Recite CMS administration system lets you add new web sites. Your installation can manage any number of web sites, and any number of users can log in to the Control Panel to manage each site.
  • Simple to install and upgrade. Recite CMS is simple to install and upgrade. The administration tools will notify you when updates are available, as well as downloading and installing updates when you choose.
  • Manage files and templates using your own editor. Recite CMS supports WebDAV, meaning you can update your CSS files and web site templates using your favourite text editor.
  • Extensive documentation. The Recite CMS Documentation Portal contains documentation for users, administrators and developers. You can distribute the Control Panel User Guide to your clients or to people in your organisation that will be using the Control Panel.
  • PHP developers can extend Recite CMS. Recite CMS is built upon PHP 5.2 and the Zend Framework. Developers can write custom add-ons for Recite CMS (such as custom form types) using our well-documented APIs. Developer documentation is available from the documentation portal.

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