Recite CMS 2.1.18 Released

We have today released an update to Recite CMS (2.1.18) and many of its packages, resolving a number of issues and adding some new functionality. We recommend all users of Recite CMS upgrade using the package management tool.

Some of the key improvements to Recite CMS include:

  • Including a ChangeLog for packages with updates available in the package management area
  • Upgrading to Zend Framework 1.10.8
  • Added a "currency selector" custom form type
  • Improvements to image thumbnail generation
  • Added the ability to bulk load licenses

Some of the improvements to packages include:

  • Ability to create a template from within the template selector
  • Ability to filter calendar events in the Control Panel by category and type
  • Ability to filter listings in the Control Panel by category and type
  • Ability to search for categories in the Control Panel
  • Improved WYSIWYG file browser to match look-and-feel of Control Panel
  • Many improvements to site exporter/importer
  • Many updates and improvements to the e-commerce module

You can try out Recite CMS (no download or installation required) using the Recite demo system.

If you have any questions or comments about Recite CMS, please contact us.

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