Recite CMS is very extensible, with developers having the ability to control many aspects of how it works.

Developers have the ability to:

  • Create custom modules
  • Create new Control Panel widgets
  • Create drivers for existing modules, including:
    • Control the bootstrapping process when a visitor requests a page
    • Custom search indexers
    • Custom container rules
    • Custom template plug-ins
    • Custom site export/import routines
    • Custom control panel themes
    • Many more!
  • Execute custom code when various events take place, such as:
    • When a user is created, edited or deleted
    • When a new page is created
    • Include custom data for output in templates


  • Knowledge of PHP 5
  • Familiarity with the Zend Framework is an advantage
  • A working installation of Recite CMS


Developers can create a developer licenses for free via the Recite CMS Download Portal. This is a special license that cannot be used for production web sites. To create and manage your developer licenses, visit the download portal.

Get Started

The best places to get started as a Recite CMS developer are as follows:

In addition to the generic developers guide, there are many other developer guides specific to different aspects that can be developed.

For any advice or support for custom Recite CMS development, please contact us.

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