There are a number of Recite CMS resellers who can help you with your web site. You would typically use a reseller in one of the following situations:

  • You want to use Recite CMS, but you want experienced web developers to build your site initially
  • You need hosting for your Recite CMS web site but you don't want to manage it yourself

Of course, if you have a preferred web developer that isn't on this list, they too can install and manage your Recite CMS installation - we simply provide this list as a starting point.

To get started, contact one of the resellers listed below.

Iugo Pty Ltd is an Adelaide-based web development company that specialises in dynamic, self-managed websites and web based business solutions.

Kojo Interactive is a proud member of the Kojo Group - South Australia's pre-eminent visual communication company; renowned for its work across every facet of the industry - from feature films to multimedia development and events management.

Ecocreative is a leading sustainable communications consultancy dedicated to communicating messages that bring about positive change.

“As communicators, we have always designed, written and built websites for clients. When it came to our own project - Ecocreative's website - we found it hard to get the technical, creative and administration balance right. Then we discovered Recite CMS. Unlike other clunky and often frustrating content management systems, this one was able to drive the website we lovingly designed without a total rebuild. It's also easy for the whole team to work on keeping the site fresh (wherever we have web access). Now with the full support offered by the new Recite CMS website, we can broaden the website options we offer our clients in the sustainability sector.”

— Matthew Wright-Simon, Director, Ecocreative

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